Tutorial: CDP Private Cloud Base Dev Cluster

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Following the tutorial here, I wanted to write down a couple of quick tips/tricks I stumbled across. Most of these are self-explanatory and are probably figured out in a few minutes, but knowing these would have saved me clicking around between terminal and browser a few times, and I’m all about saving time! These mainly are notes for me in case I’ll ever re-run this.


I got a ‘permission denied’ trying to run both the create-iaas.sh and cleanup-iaas.sh.

A quick:

chmod +x cleanup-iaas.sh

fixed this as it made the file(s) executable.

Don’t forget to

chmod 600

on the generated private key: cdp-trial-key.pem

Forgot to write down IPs? Go to AWS and look them up under EC2 instances.

Connect via ssh

Once the infrastructure is setup, we need to connect via ssh and run a simple command. Below saves us the tipping:

ssh -i '~/.ssh/cdp-trial-key.pem' centos@<YOURIP>
sudo sysctl vm.swappiness=10

Once the swappiness has been configured, we need to download software onto the instances. The Trial page instructed me to download using wget. On my ‘blank’ CentOs instance, that needed to be installed first with:

sudo yum install wget

After installation, I had to add a rule to the inbound security group via AWS under EC2 to allow me access. I opened up all traffic to My IP to keep it simple:

Last but not least

As I stopped the instances overnight and started them back up, I had to update the IPs again in my host file.

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