Google Cloud Digital Leader Certification

I recently passed the Google Cloud Digital Leader Certification and wanted to share what I learned.


First of all, I can‘t recommend enough to take a good look at the exam guide as outlined here:

What I can recommend is taking the Coursera course by Google. Especially taking notes and reviewing the downloadable slides before the exam helped me.

I did watch the following video in parts, however after having taken the exam I have to say it goes into many more details than I would have needed.

Re-take the exam

In contrast to the other Cloud exams, you can repeat it once after 14 days if you fail and then you can re-take after 60 days and then you have to wait 1 year.


To register for the exam via online proctoring, you can go here:

Taking the exam

I was used to Webassessor from previous exams, however this time around it was very painful before the exam to get setup. I did for some reason not see the webcam preview and was asked to show my passport etc which is challenging if you can‘t see the webcam! In the end I took a picture of the passport and then held up my phone. The support agent was patient and in the end it all worked out well and I was able to take the exam. It did take around 20 minutes however for me to get started. This time is not deducted however.

All in all I‘m happy that I went through it all, as I learned a lot about Google Cloud.

Regina Hackenberg

Regina Hackenberg

I love tech, cats, lifting weights, running, video games and living in Ireland! When I’m not spending time working as Solution Architect, I’m learning about tech and share what I’ve been learning!