AZ900 - Azure fundamentals

Passing the AZ900 or Azure fundamentals was relatively easy. Looking back, I could have save a lot of time if I had just looked at a comparison between AWS and Azure terminology and watched one of the videos. However I have a subscription with ACloudGuru and used the labs to get some hands-on time with Azure which can’t hurt. It is always good to have played around with the interface.

Certificate Contents

As per Microsoft website the cert expects one to be able to describe certain elements:

  • Describe cloud concepts
  • Describe core Azure services
  • Describe core solutions and management tools on Azure
  • Describe general security and network security features
  • Describe identity, governance, privacy, and compliance features
  • Describe Azure cost management and Service Level Agreements


This is key, as that is really all that is required!

Here are links to some of the source I used:


Azure Cert Cram video - 2 hours

Azure Fundamentals Course video - 3 hours

Regina Hackenberg

Regina Hackenberg

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